Resident Fe Stott discusses life at Abbey Delray South

Fe Stott: Finding Beauty in Each New Day at Abbey Delray South

Abbey Delray South residents are able to admire vibrant flower arrangements thanks to the work of Fe Stott, whose passion for flowers and gardening stems back to her childhood.

“My mother used to start from scratch, get a cutting from a plant, and just stick it in the ground and it grew,” Fe said. “When I was in grade school, we walked to school and I picked up some wildflowers on the way to give to the teacher. I guess that’s how it all started.”

Fe can also be found volunteering at her local church, whether it’s helping cook, cleaning up in the kitchen, or making food deliveries. But when she’s at Abbey Delray South, it’s all about the flowers.

“Flower arranging really takes a lot,” Fe said. “And sometimes I don’t know how many people are coming to an event, so I’ll prearrange flowers, maybe for say 50 or so tables.”

Making Friends Among the Flowers

Even first-time visitors to Abbey Delray South can admire Fe’s flower arrangement skills.

“I also make big arrangements to put in front of the marketing department,” Fe said. “I gather flowers from around the community and some of them are exotic. I may harvest orchids from the grounds of [Abbey Delray South]. Some red ginger, some lobster-claws—those are all flowers.”

It’s hard to miss the flowers on display, which means residents often get curious about who is creating these beautiful arrangements. Sometimes the flowers even lead to friendships.

“My favorite thing about living at Abbey Delray South is my freedom to go anywhere and meet people,” Fe said. “The residents here know me because of the flowers I arrange. And that’s what I love [about it]. I mean, it goes both ways, meeting [people] and making friends.”

Staying Active and Maintaining Wellness

Beyond her passion for flowers, Fe can also be found engaging in various wellness activities.

“I participate in the exercise classes,” Fe said. “If I’m here [and less busy] it’s five days a week. I try to keep fit through exercise classes and I do some yoga. My balance has always been good.”

Fe said she believes “life is a continuous education” and she’s held that mindset since graduating from nursing school in the Philippines, which eventually led her to the United States.

“I love life, so I keep going,” Fe said with a bright smile and a laugh. “And I just love people. I love gardening. I love the community. I also volunteer a lot, but I love it.”

Pursue Your Passions at Abbey Delray South

Abbey Delray South, a luxurious senior living community in Delray Beach, Florida, offers many ways to explore your hobbies and interests from group yoga classes to art studio projects, and so much more. Like Fe, you can even spend time helping maintain our beautiful resident gardens.

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